QS2 Quantum Success Strategies


QS2 Quantum Success Strategies

QS2 Quantum Success Strategies is a new company that just launched prior to the new year of 2013. QS2 specifically focuses on offering financial services to the mass market through partnerships with reputable brokerage firms. All of the products are geared to help all families build and protect their capital for generations to come through collaborating with a single source. As a new company, QS2 has taken a whole new approach to financial services by combining life insurance with other financial planning and investing instruments to help you grow your assets. QS2 services families and individuals of all walks of life from many different parts of the country, including those with an entrepreneurial drive to build a business. QS2 Quantum Success Strategies fits the bill of a viral opportunity for those who see the benefits of planning for the long term. Those who want to make money promoting QS2 can join as a member and choose to promote one of QS2′s product lines.

QS2 Quantum Success Strategies offers two separate product lines which are the licensed products and non-licensed products. Becoming a member is only $29.95 a month and as a member you can promote licensed products if you have or acquire the right licenses to sell these products in your State. If you choose to opt for the unlicensed products you don’t need any license and you can start promoting these services right after enrolling. QS2 offers the perfect combination of financial security and independence for the average family and the entrepreneurs.


How it Works


Non-Licensed Products (Associates can promote any of the following products WITHOUT any license)

  • Land Investing - CalChoice Investments is the exclusive provider of Land Investing. Land Investing is a relatively new investment instrument that has recently gained much popularity to the mass markets. What it consists of is acquiring a piece of pre-developed land in the range of a growing Metropolitan area, waiting for the value to mature, and selling the land for a significant amount of profit.
  • Indexed FDIC Certificate of Deposits - Market Linked CD’s are offered exclusively by Alternative Design Insurance Services.  The minimum CD amount accepted is $20,000 with potential earnings of up to 8.5% annual interest.
  • (NEW) Credit RepairQS2 has now partnered with The Consumer Credit Repair Agency to provide more dynamic services to help get you or your client’s credit back into shape.  To promote this product, simply refer others you know to your own QS2 credit repair page, have them fill out a form by clicking on more info. and a representative will be in touch within 10 minutes or less.
  • (New)  Debt Management – Debt management services are exclusively provided by Asset Management. Asset Management will help you eliminate all of your debts including mortgages by using proven techniques in a 21st century environment.   


Licensed Products (Associates can promote ONLY WITH a license)

  • Life Insurance & Annuities – All of our Life Insurance and Annuity products are exclusively offered through a single resource group with access to many different carriers that are best suited to meet your financial planning needs.  To obtain an insurance quote for any leads, simply fill out a single online form found in your QS2 account and our system will shop for the best carrier for your client.
  • Health InsuranceQS2 now offers short term medical plans that are affordable and easily accessible to anyone who has access to a computer.  All you need to do is fill out a simple form and within an hour a licensed insurance representative will contact you to get you into the best plan for your family and your clients. 
  • Property & Casualty – Lines of coverage include Personal Automobile, Homeowners/Renters, Personal Umbrella, and Commercial Insurance. Services are provided by SME Insurance.  All leads are submitted through an easy online software provided by SME Insurance for better and faster service.  
  • Second Market Annuities – Second Market Annuities are offered exclusively by Bulbrook/Drislane Brokerage.  They are one of the top rated insurance companies with potential earnings of up to 140% to 300% on top of total returns.

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