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We gather as much data as we can from you about your business and goals. In order to put together an effective plan for you we have to understand your industry and identify what has worked and what hasn’t.


Our strategy department then analyzes, interprets, and translates the data then puts together a custom strategy plan that will help you manage, grow, automate, or simplify your business.


Once the custom strategy plan has been reviewed by you then we move forward with setting up all of the basic fundamentals and operations so your services our automated by our fulfillment experts.


As we assist you down the line we keep track of all your results on a monthly basis so we can modify or test new strategies that are more effective for you until we carve out the true ones that work.



Here are B.I.T Billionaires in Training™ we have a dedicated team of experts that are here to help you take on the projects you can’t handle yourself. Choose only the services that you need and pay only when you need them. At B.I.T Billionaires in Training™ we carry no contracts or long term commitments. Starting a business can be tough enough without having to do everything yourself. That is why B.I.T Billionaires in Training™ has created a custom catered solution for start-ups and small businesses. We are here to set the foundation and understanding that you are not alone. Starting a business isn’t as painful as you think, not if you have the right team to help you.


Business Listings

All businesses need listings to advertise their presence. An online listing like Yelp! and Yellowpages.com are just a few that your business needs to be on and our fulfillment team does just that. Whether your business needs 25 or 50 we have the ability to create, maintain, update, claim, or manage all of the ones you need.

Digital Business Card

As an entrepreneur your job is to market yourself just as much as your brand. With a digital business card, you can now establish a new and more effective way for your customers to engage you and your business by giving you a digital presence they can access anywhere at anytime.

Website Design

All businesses need a website to stay relevant in today’s market. Without one, your competitors hold an advantage over you. You tell us your story and we’ll put together your “virtual book”. Our job is to put everything together, just sit back and relax or if you prefer tell us what specific functionalities you need and we’ll put it together.

E-Commerce Setup

Showcasing your products and sharing it to the world is the first step in global branding. Our web experts will setup your e-Commerce system in addition to adding all of your products, customizing the purchasing details (shipping rates, taxes), adding any images, inserting product descriptions and publishing them onto your website.


Account Acquisition

Acquiring accounts is one of the most important strategies in growing a business.. Using our network of professionals and skilled fulfillment experts, we strategically setup a campaign designed to help you initiate contact, acquire, and mantain leads for your business

Press Release and Blogging

There is no better way to dominate your brand then to appear as an expert in your field. Press releases and blogs are a new form of digital brand marketing that will help get more web traffic to your website through keyword searches. How do we increase your amount of keyword searches? We create as many blogs as we can and build your online real estate in the interim.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Dominating the field of search is one of our core strategies in helping our clients achieve targeted results. Through effective keyword research and optimization, our SEO specialists have designed a system to help active buyers and researchers locate our customers for better conversions.


24/7 Business Concierge

A business owner needs help from time to time. Our consultants will be your very own 24/7 Right-Hand Confidant to support you through the hurdles and daily grind of business. Whether it’s dealing with different vendors or scheduling meetings we’ll make sure your time is purely focused on profit driven results.

Analytics & Reporting

You cannot improve what you do not measure. Here at our company we firmly believe in this idea and practice it 100%. Our analytic specialists can put together a visual tracking report to monitor and showcase what areas in the business need improvement.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management – A returning customer can be much more valuable than a new customer. Your goal is to create as many returning customers as you can. Our reputation experts will assist you in executing the perfect retention plan to help you create as many return customers as possible.

Web & E-commerce Maintenance

Once you build it, they will not automatically come. Your website needs to be updated on a monthly basis in order to stay relevant and fresh in the eyes of search engines. All companies need someone to manage their online real estate, no matter how big or small your business is.



Because we believe in working for yourself, not by yourself



Because we believe in working for yourself, not by yourself


Because the world needs more successful entrepreneurs


B.I.T Billionaires in Training™ LLC is a business consulting and servicing company for start-ups and small businesses. We help connect people to the right knowledge and resources to market and automate their business.



Think Big

There is a certain standard that the wealthy live by. A lack of education is what separates the wealthy from the poor. You have to think BIG, because if you fail, you’ll still be RICH. And if you’re not a Billionaire yet, then you’re a Billionaire in Training.


Innovative Solutions

B.I.T Billionaires in Training™ LLC sees a future of determined entrepreneurs delivering new innovative solutions to an ever changing world while we support them in their mission.


Connect Knowledge

Connect people to the right knowledge and resources to market and automate their business.


Conception to Realization

The conception of B.I.T began in 2012 when a 21 year old kid named Glenn Hong wanted to start a business but couldn’t find anyone to guide or mentor him. He spent hours researching and testing out new ideas until he found out what worked. It was a long, expensive, and challenging process, but it was in discovering this very problem that this company was born. He eventually found the answers he was looking for, but not after envisioning a one-stop knowledge and service center where all entrepreneurs and new businesses could turn to for all the right resources, connections, and experts to make their business a success. Since 2012, we’ve been expanding our network of professionals, re-defining our fulfillment experts, and continue to stay true to our roots by actively helping one business at a time achieve their own personal success story because for us that is the true backbone of our legacy.


Kim M. of Vape Escape

It’s like having my own marketing department

Billionaires in Training has helped me grow my small business in so many ways. It’s like having my own marketing department. They have taught me how to navigate and promote my business by providing services such as web development, writing relevant and unique blogs to educate potential customers, social media strategizing and posting, flyer creation and distribution, text & email marketing – they even helped me find a photographer to better showcase my products. Thanks to BIT, I now understand SEO a lot more than I did, and I can actually read and understand my google analytics. They’ve shown me how to drive more customers to my website to increase on-line sales and also bring people into my brick and mortar store. There hasn’t been a question that they have not been able to help me with. They are very resourceful, and I appreciate the personal feel. One of the best things is that my business owns everything that they create for us…which is not the case with some of the other companies that I’ve worked with in the past. Once I stopped working with those other companies, then I lost all of the material that they created for me because I did not technically own the site that they assigned to me. I highly recommend BIT – professional, smart, hardworking, caring and reasonably priced for what they offer.

Hao T. of Hao’s TV

"very capable to make it work"

Step by step Billionaires in Training specially Mr. Glenn has helped make improvements on my website month after month. He is very capable to make it work, I highly recommend for everybody who wants to have good marketing and a website that is affordable and effective.



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